Neck Romancer Typeface

I’ve released my latest typeface, Neck Romancer – a vampire-themed design complete with fangs, stakes, axe heads, bat wings, and Gothic cathedral arches as inspiration for the shapes of characters and serifs. Download Links: 1001 Fonts | Fontspace

3 New Typefaces

Inspired by the appearance of my Android Insomnia typeface in an episode of Doctor Who, I dug into my files and found two typefaces I’d almost completed a few years ago and finished them so that I could release them – Airstream Futuropolis and Section 9. Then I set about creating another typeface for which […]

Android Insomnia Typeface

I recently finished working on a new typeface called Android Insomnia. The Android Insomnia typeface originated with an earlier, round sans serif typeface that I called Round One. The forms of the Round One letters were readable, but not interesting. So I decided to experiment and came up with a typeface that looked more like […]