The Trenchcoat Minotaur

I conceived of a project a year or two ago involving a mashup of a hardboiled film noir world and ancient, primarily Greek and Roman, mythology. I titled the project The Trenchcoat Minotaur.

While on a flight recently, I occupied my time with fleshing out some ideas and composing some initial character sketches:

Apollo’s at the bar burning out his liver and lungs on Flaming Chariots and fire as he recounts for a fourth time his forlorn tale of finding the doll of his dreams and how he offered her everything but Ms. Laura Wreath, preferring to be free, instead broke his heart and then made like a tree.

Miss “Hard-To-Miss” Artemis is a huntress, a sureshot with a rod and a hit through the heart of every doe-eyed dope who, acting on impulse, tried to fawn over her, finding too fast that her smile hid her teeth and her dress hid a piece to plug a peeping tom or perhaps murder a mark.