3 New Typefaces

Inspired by the appearance of my Android Insomnia typeface in an episode of Doctor Who, I dug into my files and found two typefaces I’d almost completed a few years ago and finished them so that I could release them – Airstream Futuropolis and Section 9. Then I set about creating another typeface for which […]

Android Insomnia in Doctor Who

I just found out that my Android Insomnia typeface appeared in Season 10 Episode 6 of Doctor Who, “Extremis.” It was used as the typeface for the interface in the Doctor’s sonic sunglasses.

Android Insomnia Typeface

I recently finished working on a new typeface called Android Insomnia. The Android Insomnia typeface originated with an earlier, round sans serif typeface that I called Round One. The forms of the Round One letters were readable, but not interesting. So I decided to experiment and came up with a typeface that looked more like […]

The Long Download

The Long Download is an edited mashup of prose and poetry from various sources. Many of the sources are my own writing, but also include public domain or Creative Commons 0 texts such as detective stories, mythology, and computer programming and encryption software manuals. I used Charlie Stross’ Lovebible PERL script which involves using a […]

Maniac Chemist Logo

I recently designed a logo for a concept called Maniac Chemist: The border is supposed to reference the entry of an element on the periodic table. Maniac Chemist is an anagram of my username Mechanismatic.