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Chapter 1 | Page 2

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Chapter 1 Page 2 - Transcript

Narration: "Across town, an hour later..."

Video: Jazz music plays in the background as the camera pans down a street several stories above ground level while looking at buildings and down cross streets.

Narration: "I was working a late night at the office."

Image: A multi-story building seen from ground level featuring the label, "The Office."

Narration: "It's a cozy place. At least that's how the building manager described it when he convinced me to lease the cigar box."

Image: A door inside a building hallway with a glass window featuring the words, "Joseph Garrison" and "Private Investigations."

Narration: "The ad in the newspaper didn't mention the smell of the factories down the street, but it's not as if I could afford better. Following people around and looking through their ash cans doesn't pay as well as you might expect most days."

Chapter 1 Page 2 - Notes

The song used in the cityscape animation is "A Singular Perversion" by Kevin MacLeod -