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Chapter 1 | Page 4

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Chapter 1 Page 4 - Transcript

Image: A closeup of a bottle of whiskey and a whiskey tumbler.

Narration: "It's easier to get work done late at night when the city is drunk or asleep. I eventually join it on both accounts."
"My attention span was getting shorter than my bank statement, so I was about to commit another slow suicide by drowning when the telephone rang."

Image: A closeup of the telephone

Clicking on a telephone button plays the sound of a telephone ringing once.

Image: The silhouette of Joe Garrison holding a telephone receiver to his ear with the Venetian blinds of a window behind him and the banker's lamp and partially illuminated desk surface in front of him.

Narration: "It was Lieutenant Desmond from the Police Bureau."
Lt. Desmond: "Joe, I need to you come down here."
Narration: "Someone was dead."