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Chapter 1 | Page 7

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Chapter 1 Page 7 - Transcript

Image: The double front doors of a building with the address 1066 posted above the entrance.

Narration: "The shooting occurred at a flophouse on the east side of the river. It looks like a terrible place to live.

Clicking on an arrow button shifts the perspective up the building, first looking at the 2nd floor, and then moving to the 3rd and top floor.

Image: The 3rd floor of the building as seen from street level looking up. Two corner windows are lit up with light from within the room. A metal fire escape is seen on the side of the building next to the room where the lights are visible.

Narration: "It's probably a worse place to die, though I doubt the stiff will complain much."

Clicking on a back button resets the view to the ground floor of the building.

Image: A uniformed police officer stands in front of a doorway to a room marked 304.

Narration: "This place looks like it used to be a crime den, dating back to about five minutes before the uniforms showed up. The proprieter is probably swearing on two bibles to the cops about how nice of a place it is and how this is the first time something like this has happened in the building."

Chapter 1 Page 7 - Notes

The fictional address of the flophouse is 1066 N.E. Davis St. In present day, this is actually the parking lot of a Franz Bakery facility. The address should actually end in an odd number since it's on the north side of the street, but I'm taking liberties here.

1066 is the year the Normans conquered England. I associate this year with death since it was the death of the Old English language and the introduction of Norman French as the ruling language of England for around 300 years and the reason why there are so many annoying French spellings in Present Day English.