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Chapter 1 | Page 8

Chapter 1 Page 8 - Transcript

Image: Lieutenant Mike Desmond seen from the mid-chest up, wearing a dress shirt and tie under a coat with large lapels. Demond looks to be in his 40s with short slick-backed hair and a broad jaw line.

Lt. Desmond: "Hey Joe. I'd say I hadn't seen you in a while, but I've been staring at your corpse for the last hour."

Narration: "There I was, dead on the floor, or at least it looked like me at first glance."

Image: Two uniformed police officers, one standing and one kneeling, are seen peering at the same dead body and blood pool as seen on Chapter 1 Page 1.

Narration: "One notable difference was that I didn't have a couple of holes in my chest."