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Chapter 1 Page 3 Radio - Transcript

Image: A closeup view of an art deco-style radio unit, specifically focused on the knobs and frequency display.

Narration: "The radio only seems to play jazz."

Three knobs control the radio:
The Play/Pause button plays and pauses the current song.
The Next button plays the next song of three.
The Volume button changes the volume between 5 different settings.

A back button links back to Chapter 1 Page 3.

Chapter 1 Page 3 Radio - Notes

The radio unit design is a custom art deco design that I created, inspired by existing art deco radio designs.

The songs played on the radio are anachronisms. The story takes place in 1937, but the songs were recorded in 1938 and 1939.

The songs are:
The Lambeth Walk by Artie Shaw
57th Street Drag by The Bob Chester Orchestra
I'm Prayin' Humble by the Charlie Barnet Orchestra
They're all in the public domain and found at, along with other songs from the era.