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Murder is Suicide Trailer Video - Transcript

Video: Jazz music plays as the words "It's not every day you investigate your own murder." appear on the screen out of the blackness and then fade back into the dark. A cityscape of buildings fades up from the black as the camera pans down a street several stories above ground level while looking at buildings and down cross streets. The cityscape fades to black as an automobile's front windshield and headlights are seen from a distance driving towards the camera. The headlights illuminate a patch of the road that passes through the camera's position. The car zooms past the camera, almost running it over as a second vehicle is seen behind the first, possibly chasing the first and also nearly driving over the camera. The cars engines are heard via the doppler effect as getting louder as they get closer to the camera and then quieter once they pass the camera's position.

A portion of a roulette wheel is seen spinning as a roulette ball races around the wheel in the opposite direction than the wheel is spinning. As the roulette wheel fades into black, an illuminated hotel sign is seen close up next to the brick wall of a building. The letters H, O, and T are seen as the camera drops vertically down beside the sign. The letter O issues an electrical zapping sound and its light flickers and shorts out into darkness. The hotel sign fades out as the back of a pair of female legs fades up from the darkness. The camera drops vertically down the legs and visible stocking lines to the dress heels that the female is wearing. The heels fade out as the silhouette of a private detective wearing a fedora and suit and tie are seen and the camera scrolls down vertically to the detective's waist to reveal that he is holding a pistol in his right hand, pointing at the ground. The detective fades out as a hand wielding the same handgun appears in profile against a white background. The hand raises the gun to a level shooting elevation and pulls the trigger as a gunshot issues forth.

The screen fades to black and a single white fist appears out of the darkness to punch the camera with a loud impact sound. The silhouette of a building appears and the title "Murder is Suicide" emerge from the side of the building. The building and title fades to black as a label plate appears with the words "A Multimedia Noir" and then the label plate fades to black. A detective's office door fades up from the dark with the words "by Michael Moss" in the window where the detective's agency name would normally appear and fades to black. The website address appear out of the darkness and then fades away again.

Murder is Suicide Trailer Video - Notes

The song used in the trailer is "Fast Talkin" by Kevin MacLeod -