The Joe Garrison Case Files

The Joe Garrison Case Files are a collection of stories of the experiences of Private Detective Joseph Garrison in the 1930s and 1940s.

Joe Garrison Case Files Timeline

Murder is Suicide

About: Murder is Suicide is a hard-boiled detective novel set in Portland, Oregon in 1937.


“It’s not every day you investigate your own murder.”

When the police find a body that looks a lot like private investigator Joe Garrison, it’s time for Joe to find out who did it and if he was the intended victim, before the police try to blame him for it.

Follow Joe through a world of dirty thugs, dirtier cops, and treacherous dames in 1930s Portland, Oregon – a world where morality might be black and white but the truth is always a shade of gray and where Joe may find out along the way that Murder is Suicide.

Murder is Suicide’s Joe Garrison follows in the shadowy footsteps of Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and Hammett’s Sam Spade, but with his own cynical take on the world filtered through several glasses of whiskey, glaring personality flaws, and the piercing insight of the femme fatale he encounters. Garrison experiences historical events, circumstances, and locations of Portland, Oregon in 1937 while he seemingly investigates his own murder, mixed in with novel inventions for the sake of the narrative.

Murder is Suicide started as an interactive web comic that was very time consuming to develop. As time went on and I made less progress than I would have liked, I decided to finish the project as a novel instead.

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Website: murderissuicide.com

War is Hell without Whiskey

It’s July, 1944, weeks after Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of France, and Joe Garrison is knee-deep in war and involuntarily sober.

When a company captain is murdered, possibly by one of his own soldiers, Joe gets assigned to the case in an unorthodox breach of protocol. With limited time before the next big operation, he needs to find the truth, find the murderer, and find a drink.

War is Hell without Whiskey is a short story telling the experiences of Joe Garrison during World War II in France. The story is featured in the short fiction collection, The Trench Coat Minotaur and Other Short Fiction.

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The Trench Coat Minotaur

The Trench Coat Minotaur title image

The Trench Coat Minotaur is a collection of vignettes twisting together Greco-Roman mythological characters, locations, and stories with classic film noir conventions. The collection currently consists of twenty nine prose-poetry vignettes that establish the characters, narratives, and milieu, and a short story that fleshes out the experiences of some of the characters. The short story, titled Carry On, features Charon the cab-driver who transports the dead across the river for a price and details what happens when he doesn’t take his own advice.


Apollo is at the bar, burning out his liver and lungs on Flaming Chariots and fire as he recounts for a fourth time his forlorn tale of finding the doll of his dreams and how he offered her everything but Ms. Laura Wreath, preferring to be free, instead broke his heart and then made like a tree.

Miss “Hard-To-Miss” Artemis is a huntress, a sureshot with a rod and a hit through the heart of every doe-eyed dope who, acting on impulse, tried to fawn over her, finding too fast that her smile hid her teeth and her dress hid a piece to plug a peeping tom or perhaps murder a mark.

The prose-poetry vignettes and the short story Carry On are featured in the short fiction collection The Trench Coat Minotaur and Other Short Fiction.

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