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Chapter 1 | Page 1

St. Johns Bridge Portland Map Portland Map Crime Scene Building button

Chapter 1 Page 1 - Transcript

Image: A single tower arch of the St. Johns bridge in Portland, Oregon, seen from below the bridge.

Narration: "Portland. Stumptown. City of Roses. It's the last stop heading west for drinks, dames, and danger before you drop into the unforgiving Pacific Ocean."

Image: An overhead map of downtown Portland, Oregon on the left, the Willamette River winding down the middle, and east Portland on the right. A vaguely art deco label states, "Welcome to Portland, Oregon."

Narration: "I should tell you more about the city,"

Clicking on a magnifying glass button zooms in on the east side of the city.

Narration: "about how one day it will kill you"

Clicking on another magnifying glass button zooms in on a view of several buildings from an overhead angle.

Narration: "but you'll learn that soon enough."

Clicking on a back button resets the view to the first overhead map of Portland.

Image: The top floor of a building with multiple darkened windows visible. A fire escape is visible on the side of the building. Clicking on a gun button causes a gunshot to issue from the silence and two of the windows to light up with the flash of the gunshot to indicate from where the gunshot is coming.

Chapter 1 Page 1 - Notes

I don't recommend attempting to navigate Portland streets using this map. It's based on a 1930s road map that I picked up at an antiques show at the Portland Expo Center.

If you're familiar with the bridges of Portland, you might notice that the Morrison Bridge on this map runs generally east-to-west and parallel to the Burnside Bridge. An older Morrison Bridge that was built in 1905 and was replaced by the current bridge in 1958 ran from Morrison St on the west side of the river to Morrison St on the east side of the river. Despite retaining the name, the current Morrison Bridge generally runs from between SW Washington St and SW Alder St on the west side of the river to between SE Morrison St and SE Belmont St on the east side of the river.